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Model Image Retouching & Finalization

Model Image Retouching & Finalization involves enhancing the appearance of models in photographs by smoothing skin, adjusting colors, hair, makeup, body, background, clothing, and other details. After final touches and a quality check, it ensures models look their best while staying true to the artistic vision and client’s requirements.

Product / Object Background Removals

Involving isolating a product or object from its original background using techniques like masking or clipping paths, followed by background removal or replacement. The goal is to create seamless edges and natural transitions, with added shadows and reflections for realism. Color correction ensures harmony with the new background. This technique is essential in e-commerce, advertising, and catalog photography for professional product or object presentation.

Aesthetics Filter & Effects

Aesthetics Filter & Effects enhance images by applying artistic adjustments like color grading, contrast, and brightness, textures, blurring, vignetting, and creative filters. This process is vital in photography, design, and marketing, transforming images into visually compelling works.

Color & Composition Changes of Raw Photos

The post-processing of unprocessed images to refine color, lighting, and composition. This encompasses adjustments in color balance, exposure, contrast, cropping, alignment, noise reduction, sharpness, and lens corrections. The process aims to enhance visual appeal, clarity, and overall balance while maintaining high image quality standards, making it an essential step in photography and graphic design workflows for achieving the desired artistic or professional results.

Pixel & Quality Enhancement

A digital image refinement process that enhances image quality, sharpness, and pixel-level details by increasing resolution, reducing noise, improving color fidelity, sharpening, and expanding dynamic range. This step is crucial in photography and graphic design, ensuring images meet professional standards and achieve their intended visual impact.

Photo Manipulation

The art of creatively altering and enhancing photographs to achieve artistic, conceptual, or visual goals. This involves techniques like object removal or addition, composite imagery, color adjustments, digital painting, morphing, text integration, and special effects. It’s a common practice in creative fields, allowing artists and designers to craft visually compelling images that convey stories, emotions, or innovative ideas. However, ethical considerations are crucial to maintain the image’s authenticity and message integrity.

Old Photos Restoration

The meticulous art of digitally rejuvenating aging or damaged photographs, restoring them to their original or improved quality. This delicate restoration process encompasses repairing physical damage, such as tears and creases, erasing scratches and stains, restoring faded colors, enhancing contrast and brightness, improving resolution for sharpness, and performing thorough quality checks. Ensuring that the past remains vivid and accessible to future generations, all while retaining the authenticity and character of the original photographs.

Occasional Photoshoot Editing

Enhancing image quality by adjusting color, exposure, composition, retouching, and applying special effects to achieve a desired visual appeal. This practice ensures professional editing of images from one-time or occasional photoshoots, preserving memories and meeting quality standards.

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